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Maintenance Excellence Partnership

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Self-implementation often results in repeated classical mistakes and NO improved results even after some years.

If you buy a company car, you want it delivered, ready to perform. So why not the same with your cmms?

We have decades of implementation success experience and know all the pitfalls and traps. We will partner with you over the 2 year journey from firefighting to maintenance excellence with a prescribed menu of activities and milestones. Data mapping, (assets, spares, suppliers, PM Tasks, technical resources), system installation, work scheduling process mapping, user training, concept training, planning training, PM task development, reporting, auditing, mentoring. We will guide you to success, leaving you to focus on what you are good at, or you can choose from the menu.

Yes, we will work with any CMMS. It is the tool, not the craft.

Maintenance Management System Auditing

We have decades of experience of making maintenance management systems work and what is required. We will conduct a site based audit looking at every aspect of your system. Let us audit your system and provide a reality check accompanied by a road map forward. Audits available anywhere in New Zealand.

Forensic Maintenance Planning

Engineering expertise and experience at a fraction of the cost. We remotely overview your maintenance planning development for your operation, turning experience into intelligence and forecast plans using our maintenance detective skills.

Institutionalize YOUR operational expedience. Take the guesswork out of your maintenance spending. Optimise your plant reliability.

Suitable for operations from single plant to major processes.

Guarding & Machine Safety Audit:

If your business involves machinery, it must comply with AS4024. You don’t want to find out your failings during a WorkSafe prosecution. Here it from us first. We will map your entire site, (or machine) and provide a full roadmap report based on the requirements of AS/NZS 4024 and WorkSafe’s Best Practice Guide. We will travel to anywhere in New Zealand.

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