Contract Forensic Maintenance Planning Service

Maintenance Transformations knows its stuff when it comes to Preventative Maintenance and planning systems.

For companies where the investment in hardware, software, and FTEs is inappropriate, or where you want a focused service, we are pleased to offer our Just Planning package.

Key Benefits:

  • Capture site experience and expertise into your institutionalised systems.
  • Reduce fire fighting/ineffective maintenance spending/excessive stores inventory.
  • Provide zero based budgeting and forecasting.


Just Planning involves the forensic analysis of your purchasing activities, completed work and PM task as-found experience to develop and optimise your PM plans. Relationships with key site staff and company data are established, together with reporting requirements. Monthly plans are fed into the work schedule, leaving your site staff to manage the daily activities.

Our team will work with any cmms, (even if you do not have one) your , From the initial maintenance plan, the cycle of planning and feedback loops begins, rapidly developing the experience data stored on your behalf.

Monthly Summary and Detail Reports:

Reports are customised to your site requirements. Reports are available at trades, operations, and executive level.

Resource Requirement Detail:

Detail down to Purchase Order preparation is available for labour and materials requirements, using your existing data, or our own.

Service Providers:

We can show you how to sharpen your internal scheduling, control your costs, protect your intellectual knowledge and attract new clients.

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