Engineering Your Future

Maintenance engineers are joining the new wave of certified maintenance planners


forging a proactive maintenance management approach to plant reliability. Engineers are learning how to move from a belts and braces approach to professional management, delivering powerful business weapons to the organisation in the process.

Backed by industry experts Maintenance Transformations and their 3-day Certified Maintenance Planners training course, engineers and planners are learning how to make the transition from a technical to a process-based approach to maintenance management and deliver tangible benefits to their businesses along the way. From higher reliability for a lower cost, to challenging, and even removing maintenance shutdowns, engineers learn how to take their traditional knowledge and leverage it into maintenance excellence through the development of technical competence and technical confidence. In some cases, the benefits to the organization can be measured in the 10s of millions of dollars.

Are you sick of learning a lesson more than once?


How much of your institutionalised knowledge makes it from your tradesmen’s heads into your maintenance systems? Where do you capture your continuous learning and convert it into future excellence? If you can’t answer these questions, you are missing your greatest opportunity to grow your business.

It is possible to turn your reactive fire-fighting maintenance crew into a proactive and synergetic function of the business without cost being a barrier. Melding the concepts of asset management, reliability engineering and maintenance planning with effective work scheduling is a hurdle that causes traditional operations to stumble. The Certified Maintenance Planner training shows attendees how to effectively integrate theory with reality, even arming them with man-management tools to encourage culture change.

Course attendees will learn about the various computerised maintenance management tools available, how to apply them effectively and how to create meaningful KPIs. They will learn how to achieve optimised PM plans, JIT purchasing, virtual spares, and zero-based stock management. There are no qualification pre-requisites for the training and non-technical staff are encouraged to attend.

Academics talk about maintenance excellence; Maintenance Transformations deliver it. Let them show your team how to embark on a journey to maintenance excellence and prepare your organization to engineer their future for 2030.