Is Maintenance Management an investment or a cost in your business?

Don’t settle for “quick fixes” in your maintenance program. You need a solid system that puts safety first, and is easy to use for everyone.

Setting up maintenance management systems that work is our business.

Are you battling with:

* Reactive maintenance?

* Constant fire fighting?

* Maintenance costs out of control?

* Inability to get maintenance access to machinery?

The good news is getting it RIGHT is not hard and does not require skill sets that your staff do not already possess!

All they need are systems, processes, confidence and INSPIRATION


Our MainTrak cloud based computerised maintenance management solution is the simplest and most effective maintenance management system in the industry. Built by engineers for engineers right here in New Zealand.


We offer a turnkey installation to get you winning from Day 1 and have the experience and boots on the ground to solve your issues. We provide everything from inspiration to installation. Let us help you grow your maintenance excellence potential.


Our approach to informing and inspiring in maintenance management is legendary, helping all size organisations from the NZ Defence Force and multi-nationals to small businesses to get it right and keep it simple.

Everything from Inspiration to Installation.

Is your maintenance FAT or LEAN?
Take the maintenance management self-audit:

If you want to excel at maintenance management, why re-invent the solution yourself?

Do you design and build your own company cars?

Maintenance Excellence is what we do. Let us provide the inspiration, tools, installation, processes, information, auditing and mentoring to solve your battles.

Let us help you grow your maintenance excellence potential.

Maintenance Transformations

offer a series of short, hard-hitting training sessions
designed to inform and inspire
without getting lost in the technical detail.

Maintenance Transformations

is a line management consulting company.

We specialise in plant reliability and health and safety. (
We offer software applications, remote management, auditing, training and mentoring services for both disciplines.

We can simplify the task of ensuring your compliance and reliability issues are in a manageable system, leaving you to focus on your core business or guide your department to maintenance excellence,
unlocking real value to your bottom line.

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