MainTrak is YOUR Cloud-based Maintenance Management Solution

MainTrak is a professional maintenance management solution,
built for engineers by engineers.

BWM Maintrak is Computer Maintence System that is cloud based to help you achieve lean, effective, maintenance excellence. It's fast, accurate, easy to use, and accessible from anywhere.

BWM MainTrak takes the legacy of the original BWM maintenance management program and elevates it to a Cloud-based solution offering speed, ease, and transportability so you can access it from anywhere.

This innovative software has been developed by engineers for engineers over 30 years, not accountants or computer programmers.


You can access your Maintrak account from anywhere in the Globe, on the web, tablet, or your phone, receive task notifications and work remotely. Your MS Azure-hosted SQL data includes:

  • assets
  • spares
  • work orders
  • PM tasks
  • suppliers
  • purchasing
  • technical resources
  • permits and electrical safety certificates.

Access your data using pdf reports, Excel or 3rd party reporting platforms, (Power BI, Crystal, Access, etc)

“We use MainTrak as our maintenance CMMS system on site. It caters for all our needs with regards to asset maintenance, spare parts, purchasing, compliance, reporting, maintenance planning and work order management amongst all things maintenance. Its easy to use, training manuals and support are readily available, giving us traceability in what we need towards trying to achieve our goals of engineering sustainability and excellence.” – Chris O, Breadcraft Wairarapa

We’re engineers, not a software sales company

We have boots on the ground in New Zealand, and offer a turn-key solution to cover every aspect of a CMMS installation. Our Maintenance Excellence Partnership Programme is a 2 year prescribed journey covering data mapping (assets, spares, PM routines), installation, work scheduling process design, training, reporting, auditing and coaching. Take the full journey or select from the menu, regardless of your CMMS tool.

BWM MainTrak is robust and proven, offered in 3 models;
   – Global multi-site  – $0 onboarding,            NZ$8k pa
   – Single site                   – $0 onboarding,            NZ$6k pa
   – Small business       – NZ$4k onboarding,   NZ$2.2k pa

All applications are licensed for unlimited users, including staff, contractors and management. MainTrak is the cheapest maintenance management solution in the world, with no hidden costs.

This software is well-represented in New Zealand by high- profile multinational customers and is the source of a multitude of maintenance management success stories.

What’s MainTrak look like?

This innovative software can include all the information you need for any piece of equipment – where it’s located, the exact model number, all costings, any tech and resource notes, details of previous maintenance undertaken, and so much more.

So YOU can keep on top of all your maintenance easily from anywhere.



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